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arrow Clinical Practice Guidelines

Clinical Practice Guidelines on Management of Hypertension (4th Edition)

19 February 2014

Statement of Intent

This guideline was developed to be a guide for best clinical practice in the
management of hypertension. All efforts were made to ensure references quoted were the most current at the time of printing. Specific attempts were made to use local data and publications to ensure local relevance. 

Adherence to this guideline may not necessarily lead to the best clinical outcome in individual patient care.

Every health care provider is responsible for the care of his/her unique patient based on the clinical presentation and treatment options available locally. However adherence to this guideline is strongly recommended as a starting point in managing patients as it constitute the best available evidence at the time of writing.

Review of the Guidelines

This guideline was issued in 2013 and will be reviewed in 2018 or earlier if important new evidence becomes available.

This is an update to the Clinical Practice Guideline on Management of Hypertension 3rd Edition (published 2008) and supersedes the previous.


This guideline is intended to provide education and awareness on the proper ways to

1. diagnose hypertension
2. assess and investigate a patient with hypertension

This guideline is intended to provide evidence on the

1. optimal management of a patient with hypertension
2. latest therapeutics on subgroups of hypertensive patients


This guideline, however, does not cover

1. strategies for hypertension screening
2. strategies to reduce population blood pressure

Clinical Questions

The clinical questions to be addressed in this guideline include:

1. What are the current best practices in the management of a patient with
2. How can hypertension management be done in tandem with the overall
strategy to manage global vascular risk of a patient?

Target Population

This guideline is to be applied to adults (including the elderly and pregnant women) and children with hypertension. It is also applicable to hypertensive patients with various concomitant clinical conditions.

Target Group

This guideline is developed for all levels of health care providers involved in the management of hypertension in adults, elderly, pregnant women and children.

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