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Clinical Practice Guideline on Management of Hypertension 2008 (3rd edition): Quick Reference For Health Care Providers

07 March 2012
Quick Reference For Health Care Providers

Key Messages

1. Hypertension (HPT) is defined as persistent elevation of SBP of 140mm Hg and/or DBP of 90mm Hg.

2. In 2006, prevalence of HPT in Malaysia was 42.6% among those aged 30 years.

3. HPT is a silent disease; 64% of cases remain undiagnosed. Therefore, BP should be measured at every chance encounter.

4. Untreated or sub-optimally controlled HPT leads to increased cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and renal morbidity and mortality.

5. A SBP of 120139 and/or DBP of 8089mm Hg is defined as pre-HPT and should be treated in certain high risk groups.

6. Therapeutic lifestyle changes should be recommended for all individuals with HPT and pre-HPT.

7. Decision to commence pharmacological treatment should be based on global cardiovascular risks and not on the level of blood pressure (BP) per se.

8. In patients with newly diagnosed uncomplicated HPT who have no compelling indications, choice of first line monotherapy includes ACEIs, ARBs, CCBs and Diuretics. Beta-blockers are no longer recommended as first line monotherapy.

9. Only 26% of treated patients achieve target BP.

10. Combination therapy is often required to achieve target and may be instituted early.

This Quick Reference provides key messages and a summary of the main recommendations in the Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) Management of Hypertension, 3rd Edition (2008).

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