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How is Hypertension treated?

12 May 2007

Hypertension can be controlled by life style changes or if necessary by medication. Very often losing weight, exercising, eating less salt, quitting smoking and avoiding excessive alcohol is all you need to control your blood pressure. When changing lifestyle does not help control blood pressure, the doctor may prescribe medications. Even when taking medication, one should continue the healthy lifestyle, as it will help to control blood pressure more effectively.

Why Treat hypertension?

Untreated hypertension has been associated with increased risk of strokes, heart and kidney failure. An elevated blood pressure has been correlated to shortened life span in some studies. Awareness of the condition and subsequent treatment has reduced death and morbidity due to hypertension. The age adjusted death rates from strokes declined by 60% and the death from coronary heart disease fell by 53% among men and women of African American descent and amongst whites.

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